Feminist general strike in San Sebastian, Spain - 30 Nov 2023
The Battle of Cable Street , East London .London ' s Policemen arrest a woman protester as they tried to keep order between the rival political factions , the fascists and anti - fascists on London '
Oswald Mosley speaks at DalstsonSir Oswald Mosley this afternoon addressed a Fascist meeting at Ridley Road , Dalston , East LondonPHoto shows:  Police moving a crowd of Jewish ex-servicemen who held
The Battle of Cable Street .The  Cable Street political unrest in East London ; mounted Police of London ' s  Metropolitan Police Force arrest a rioter as they try to keep order between the rival fact
An autographed photograph of Oswald Mosley. Sir Oswald Ernald Mosley of Ancoats (1896-1980) a British politician, Member of Parliament and leader of the British Union of Fascists. The BUF was a fascis
At an anti-fascist barricade in Cable Street E1 where the ILP and the communists planned a meeting - the crowd with stone throwers among them scattered by police1936
Sir Oswald Mosley addressing a fascist meeting in the East End of London on 15th October 1936.  The leader of the 'Blackshirts' and the British Union of Fascists in he 1930's.
A man taken in charge and carried off by police holding his arms and legs . One of the arrests during the opposition to the fascist march 1936
A view of the 100,000 demonstrators against the fascist march :  the dense crowd at the junction of Aldgate and Commercial Road Cable Street1936
Fierce fighting between Fascists and their opponents broke out in Trafalgar Square when Sir Oswald Mosley, leader of the British Trade Union of Facists addressed a meeting of his followers after a mar
British Union of Fascists march through Est End of London, led by Oswald Mosley bottom Right. 1936
On the same day as the  Cable Street riots the Metropolitan Police charge the crowds trying to keep order in East London between the fascists and the anti-fascists .1936
General strike in Italy
Ghana Slavery Reparations
Ghana Slavery Reparations
Ghana Slavery eparations
Denmark Tesla Strike
Sweden Tesla Strike
Europe Enlargement
Europe Enlargement
Europe Enlargement
Europe Enlargement
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